Mark Rosenbrock has been practicing art all his life.

Beginning with cartooning and puppet making at a young age and progressing through a natural talent for design, to jewellery making, party/festival decor, carving and sculpture.


He first encountered the American hobo tradition of whimsey carving through books whilst teaching hi
mself to whittle as a child.  Intrigued by the art of carving balls in cages, chains and other ‘articulated’ pieces, he developed and refined his skill over the years.

During a period of time, boat building and teaching didgeridu playing in the North of Australia, Mark discovered the appeal of these works as wearable art and began to evolve the concept.

Several years and many commissions later he discovered a love for working on a larger scale and developed his art skills with chainsaw and power tools. He has since focused predominantly on larger scale chainsaw art pieces – both in-situ and off site.

Mark now creates works of beauty and intrigue ranging in size from hand carved personal jewellery to large chainsaw carved sculpture


and statuary.

Being an adept sketch artist enables Mark to specialise in all aspects of design from the initial concept to actualisation of form.